Vivo web developer and account executive collaborating at Newstead cafe
Vivo web developer and account executive collaborating at Newstead cafe

Since 2010, we’ve been working with forward-thinking businesses who embrace digital and the opportunities it presents.

As a team, we pride ourselves on our ability to challenge core assumptions, unpick legacy behaviours and streamline complex processes. In collaboration with our partners, together, we create work that is considered, progressive, and valuable.

What makes us, us

We work hard to maintain a respectful and supportive environment that is enjoyed by those who work here, and those we work with.

People come first, always.

This is reflected in the way we view and use technology, the people for whom we build products, and our relationships with each other.

Work/life balance.

The stresses and demands of modern life have forced us all to consider our relationships with our jobs and the ways in which we live. At Vivo, we offer a flexible work environment, to ensure our professional pursuits and personal lives exist in equilibrium.

Adaption and agility.

Good processes help us deliver projects in line with expectations and budget. Too much process kills creativity, new ideas, and slows us down. To us, remaining agile, and being able to adapt quickly, is incredibly important in remaining relevant.

Open and approachable.

We’re not big on politics, roadblocks, red tape or ego. In a world that’s too busy and often self-absorbed, we’re the ones who are happy to assist.

Innovate and create.

Walking the same path is comfortable and safe, but it doesn’t take us anywhere new. Trying something different is how we make discoveries, how we innovate, and how we progress.

Freedom to speak up.

Irrespective of years of experience, title, or position within the company, we encourage everyone to have an opinion, to offer suggestions, and to ask questions.

A team greater than the sum of its parts.

David Steel, Creative Director
David Steel
Creative Director
Chris Osborne, Technical Director
Chris Osborne
Technical Director
Trent Steel, Head of Technology
Trent Steel
Head of Technology
Jodie Hill, Digital Strategist
Jodie Hill
Digital Strategist
Ruby Bird, Account Manager
Ruby Bird
Account Manager
Matt Burns, Senior Web Developer
Matt Burns
Senior Web Developer
Grant Clahsen, Back-end Web Developer
Grant Clahsen
Back-end Web Developer
Cassie Selin, Front-end Web Developer
Cassie Selin
Front-end Web Developer
William Carrello, Junior Front-end Developer
William Carrello
Junior Front-end Developer
Adam Hardy, Senior Digital Strategist
Adam Hardy
Senior Digital Strategist
Nina Sidnitsin, Digital Strategist
Nina Sidnitsin
Digital Strategist
Juan Suarez, UI/UX Designer
Juan Suarez
UI/UX Designer

Vivo is built on a culture of collaboration, bringing strategic, creative, and tech talent together to spark fresh ideas at the intersection of our disciplines.

This simple approach to teamwork breaks down silos and fosters an agile, collaborative culture, allowing everyone to apply their talents with equal effectiveness.

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